car battery/ power inverter
car battery/ power inverter

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It was a sunny day, when we go out for the picnic.

There is far way from the village, no human beings.

And we want to use the toaster, but there is no power.

What a Pity!

There was plenty of sun light, if only we have a sun panel with a power inverter, we can enjoy the delicious Toast.

So, there are problems:

    1.  What is the power inverter ?

    2.  How does the power inverter work?

     3.  How can I choose a proper power inverter for my own use?

     4.  Which kind of power inverter should I choose ? the pure sine wave or the modified wave will be OK?

      5.  How can I calculate the Watts that my appliances required?

      6.  How can I avoid the security risk when I use a power inverter?

      7.   How should I correctly connect the power inverter to my appliances?

All questions above, we will talk it step by step. And you can buy it from Click here to check out today’s price.

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