car power inverter
car power inverter

How to choose a proper power inverter for your car ?

When you travelling by car with your family, how can the kids get through the long boring journey?

car power inverter

 Here are some models portable power inverter are very useful for the vehicle.


1. Foval 150W  Power Inverter for car DC 12V to 110V AC 


Foval 150W power inverter is the smallest 150w inverter ever seen. Its size is only 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches, just about credit card size. It is extremely portable and is perfect device for travelers. The red color and aluminum shell design are fantastic and solid. This seems to be very sturdily built.

The Foval power inverter plugs directly into the lighter and is only few inches long. It can supply up to 150 watts that is great for charging laptop, breast pump, nebulizer, game console, kindle, TV, DVD players, lights, iPad, and other electronic devices. It comes with 2 USB ports and AC outlets, unlike Bestek 75W inverter above, 2 USB ports can charge tablet and phone simultaneously. With it, you would be able to use all your portable devices from your car.

The best feature of this inverter is cooling fan. Smart cooling fan makes the car power inverter silent when operating helps reduce heat and prevents shortage. It is great because you won’t have to monitor the heat levels of your charging devices.


It is modified sine wave inverter, but it is still a perfect 150W inverter for your car.

2. BESTEK 200W  Power Inverter Dwith 4.2A 4-Port USB Car Adapter 

The Bestek 200W power inverter has a nice compact design with a nice shiny white. When I first looked at this item, I didn’t understand why they put so many sockets and USB ports on a 200W inverter. It has total 7 places to plug devices, 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. It is convenient for anyone who has many devices to use. It can power 7 devices simultaneously, great for charging smartphones, laptop, tablets, GPS or anything you want. But don’t use power higher than 200W, it may cause some serious issues.

Bestek 200W is a portable designed power inverter with high performance. Because its size is pretty small and lightweight (9.6 ounces), it is recommended for peoples who travel very often.


The Bestek 200W power inverter is connected through the cigarette lighter and provides an AC outlet that can be used to power most small-wattage electronics. It is very simple to use. It comes with 2.5-foot length cable with cigarette lighter plug since we can reach it to power a laptop in the rear seats.


It provides 200W continuous DC to AC power and 500 watts peak output power to charge your multiple electronic devices on the go. It has 4.2A of USB charging ports since you can charge up 2 iPads or 4 iPhones simultaneously. But if charging your laptop from empty when you are using, it will require around 200W, please keep the other outlets and every USB port free. I recommend this unit for charging small electronics since larger devices may cause it to overheat.

The Bestek 200W converts 12V DC to 110V AC power and recommended for car only. It is not applied for 24V DC and airplane use.

The inverter has a variety of built-in safety features. If power consumption surges, the unit will shut down. This feature protects the inverter from an overload. Also, if the power inverter gets too hot, which it likely will due to its lack of a fan, the unit will automatically shut down. Another option of this car inverter offers is the low battery alarm and low battery shutdown. If the input voltage from the car battery drops below 10.5 volts, an alarm will sound. If the voltage drops below 10 volts the inverter will automatically shut down. This will protect the battery from completely draining. If this does happen, simply turn the power switch to the off position, fix the voltage problem and restart the power inverter.

It outputs 60 Hz and it is modified sine wave inverter, which is perfectly fine for most modern devices, but isn’t good for fluorescent lights, and many analog audio systems.


3.BESTEK 300W  Power Inverter for car

 Bestek 300W power inverter is thing you need. It is the most popular car inverter in the US, the highest review number of any power inverter brand. This useful device plugs into your vehicle’s standard DC power port by “cigarette lighter” and converts its output to two standard AC outlets, as well as two USB charging ports.

It has a nice compact design with a solid red shell. And its size is very small, lightweight, just equal size of iPhone 5 since it is ideal for use on your car, vacations, work trips and camping. 24-inch cigarette lighter plug makes the power inverter can be plugged into almost any vehicle, allow you to plug the unit into the front seat cigarette lighter and easily place the unit in the backseat area.

The Bestek 300W power inverter provides 300 Watts continuous DC to AC power and 700 Watts peak power, featuring 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports (2.1A & 1A) for multi-purpose charging. You can use the 1A USB port to connect cell phones, and 2.1A USB port to connect tablet. With this inverter, you can plug devices into 2 USB ports simultaneously.

The inverter has multiple integrated safety features. One of those features is an overload protector. When there is a power surge or the device draws too much power, it will shut down before the portable inverter is harmed. The inverter also has a feature to protect against overheating. If the internal temperature of the car power inverter exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the inverter will automatically shut down.

It will be warmer after approximately 30’ of use, avoid placing the inverter next to heat-sensitive materials to protect inverter from getting too warm. When the inverter is powered on, you will be able to hear the fan noise, a fan runs to keep the unit cool. But don’t worry about that, it’s not too loud.

The Bestek is a modified sine wave inverter. If you read my buying guide, using this type might cause some issues with dedicated devices, but there are some exceptions. If your electronics don’t fall into How can I choose a proper power inverter for my own use?  then you’re good to go with a modified sine wave inverter. Because pure sine wave inverters are much more expensive than modified sine wave inverters, with the Bestek, you can save a bunch of money.



4. BESTEK 400W Power Inverter  for car


If you are planning to buy an inverter to use on the car dashboard, I recommend that do not buy the inverters which have rated power higher than 400W. Because the 400W power inverters provide enough power for almost all of portable device you own. Connecting heavy-duty AC electric devices in car may cause some serious issues. Bestek 400W power inverter is a great choice for using in car, boat, trucks, RVs and if you have a solar generator, don’t miss this one. 2 outlets and 4 USB ports make this inverter ideal for charging your phones, laptops, TV, game consoles, lamps…

The body of this inverter is made of a hard shell plastic and has a cool octagonal shape and contrasting black and red colors. It is fairly light, weighing 1 lb 2 oz. I like that the fuses are replaceable. Sometimes you don’t remember what the power requirements are of a device before plugging it in and it blows the fuse by accident so at least you can replace them easily without opening the unit up. To be on the safe side stick with small electronics and things without high powered motors (like a blender).

Other users have noted that the fan that runs constantly can be loud, but I didn’t find it noisy or distracting, more like a gentle hum. This inverter is great for road trips, camping, or to have in the car for emergencies when you have access to a charged battery. When using this in the car, you’ll have overheating, overload and short circuit protection in both directions for both your devices and your car. It’s compact, lightweight, has a decent wattage capacity and has plenty of powering options.

5. BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter for Car 

This is a monster from Bestek family – the America’s leading power inverter brand. Every Bestek inverter is colored in red, it is solid and nice. Bestek 2000W power inverter is the best inverter for solar generator or for RV. It also can be used in your car, connected through cigarette lighter, but it’s too big and too much power for using in car.

It provides total 2000W continuous DC to AC power and 4600W peak power, capacity to handle motors from household AC units and 1hp pool pumps or run a garage (flood lights, a TV, a freezer, a refrigerator, rechargeable devices, etc) even your microwave ovens. If the microwave oven is 1100W (most microwaves are 800W minimum), it requires peak power which is 4 times of 1100W = 4400W peak surge (less than 4600W). Well for just over $100 this is a good deal.

The Bestek 2000W inverter was designed as a portable inverter. It has 3 AC outlets but no USB port. It has numerous safety features to protect batteries and your devices. 6 external 50A fuses keep your gear from damage. If the input voltage from the car battery drop below 10.5 volts, an alarm will sound. If the voltage drops below 10 volts the inverter will automatically shut down. This will protect the battery from completely draining.

The max output of the device is 2000W at 115V, or 2000W/115V = 17.39A. Therefore, any device pulling less than 17.39A at 120V will run on this inverter, so long as the peak Watts also stay < 4600W during motor startup.

This is a modified sine wave, not pure sine wave. Durable construction and quality material stands up to harsh environments and all season, ideal for use on road, at campsites, remote job sites or anywhere that AC power is needed.